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Behaviour Intervention Services

Reflecting back on my past experience as a Behaviour Interventionist (BI), I recognize the importance of high quality supervision and training. As a result, I am committed to recruiting and mentoring passionate individuals to support clients one-on-one with a priority on child assent, safety & welfare. Sessions typically involve a combination of Natural Environmental Teaching and Functional Communication Training during standing and seated activities (depends on your child's learning preference).

Ages 2-5

With more ASD funding allotted to this age group, your child can receive 10-15 hours of direct in-home BI therapy per week, depending on your child's needs.

2-3 hour sessions with a balance of play and learning.

Ages 6-12

Due to less ASD funding available for this age group, typical BI sessions range from 3-4 hours per week. After-school pick-ups and community outings may be arranged. 

1.5-2 hour sessions that focus on improving academics, independence and social skills. 

Ages 13-18

The focus of this age group is to teach self-monitoring, encourage a positive mindset/behaviours, and facilitate life skills and independence within the community.

2.5-3 hour sessions, once per week. 

Playing with Play Dough
Tutoring Session
Happy Teenager

We will travel to your home for sessions and once a strong relationship is developed between the BI and your child, we can discuss options for community sessions (if preferred and in line with goals)

behaviour intervention summer kelowna

Interested in Fun Community Outings
With a Focus on Social Skills?

Summer Group BI sessions

To inquire about summer group community sessions for your child, please fill out the information below:

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