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Behaviour Intervention Services

Reflecting back on my past experience as a Behaviour Interventionist (BI), I recognize the importance of high quality supervision and training. As a result, I am committed to recruiting and mentoring passionate individuals to support clients one-on-one with a priority on child assent, safety & welfare. Sessions typically involve a combination of Natural Environmental Teaching and Functional Communication Training during standing and seated activities (depends on your child's learning preference).

Ages 2-5

With more ASD funding allotted to this age group, your child can receive 10-15 hours of direct in-home BI therapy per week, depending on your child's needs.

2-3 hour sessions with a balance of play and learning.

Ages 6-12

Due to less ASD funding available for this age group, typical BI sessions range from 3-4 hours per week. After-school pick-ups and community outings may be arranged. 

1.5-2 hour sessions that focus on improving academics, independence and social skills. 

Ages 13-18

The focus of this age group is to teach self-monitoring, encourage a positive mindset/behaviours, and facilitate life skills and independence within the community.

2.5-3 hour sessions, once per week. 

Playing with Play Dough
Tutoring Session
Happy Teenager

We will travel to your home for sessions and once a strong relationship is developed between the BI and your child, we can discuss options for community sessions (if preferred and in line with goals)

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